About Totems and Friends -Follow-Up on my My personal “Thank and Grow Rich” experiment

It`s about time that I am writing a Follow-Up Post on my 30-Day “Thank and Grow Rich” Experiment.

If you haven’t read my previous posts about this wicked interesting experiment, you better do it right here and right now:

1st: My personal 30-Day “Thank and grow Rich” Experiment – A Diary. 

2nd: My Capital Portfolio

As a reminder for all of you who already follow my journey, here is my Capital Portfolio from January 15th 2017 again:


So obviously my Alchemic and my Adventure Capital were the shits while my other 3 were okay (-ish). Of course I want to get the maximum from this experiment and not just okay (-ish) results, because I can achieve them myself without spending money on a book.

But who wants to achieve mediocracy?  Not this girl. So if you thrive for happiness and ferocious gratitude like me, you better get the flippin’ book HERE or the Kindle Edition HERE !!!

So what has changed since I started the experiment?

Admittedly, not much… YET! I can`t blame this on the book, the exercises or even Pam. (Although  looking for someone to blame, would be easier) No, I’m at fault.

I decided to do this experiment, and I decided to not have finished reading the book yet, because I allowed myself to get distracted (mostly by Netflix). I allow myself not to wake up every morning and do my gratitude exercise, I allow myself to get all engrossed into the daily tasks, stress and (mostly) toxic mood as soon as my alarm goes off and not only me but my urge to throw that bloody clock out of the window awakes.

I let myself think, “Fuck, already Monday!”, “Damn, waking up by myself again.” (my hubby is gone for work), “Shit! I don`t want to go to work, when will I win the friggin’ lottery?” Instead of  thinking “Thank you, I woke up again!”, “Thank you, my man has a job, which provides for the both of us, if need be, while others struggle to pay their bills!” or “Thank you, I am able to go back to my job again, after 6 months of unemployment! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”   I should jump out of bed, excited for this new day! Instead, I get up, mutter and roll my eyes at myself in the mirror. Not only is this ungratefulness at it’s best, no, it’s also rude as hell. I’m being rude to myself, because I am bummed about having to get up at 6:30 am. Which is actually not that bad either. I remember having to leave for work at 3:30 am… So I am asking you: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME????

Right, old habits, that’s what’s wrong with me. That’s what’s wrong with most of us. We follow the habit we’ve learned at some point along the way…to bitch about fucking everything. Nothing is good enough and  it`s easier to drown in self-pity than to enjoy the small things in life and actually grasp the concept of the Law of Attraction. If I focus on the good things, more good things will come to me.

How the hell did we get into this spiral of negativity and self-pity? I don’t have a clue. Who’s fault is it? Society? Our parents? Grandparents? Media? It doens’t matter. What matters is that we have to snap out of this shit- and pretty damn quick at that!

Back to my experiment: As a New Years Resolution I started a gratitude diary. Every day I write 3 things I am thankful for into my Daily Planner. Not knowing that this actually is a part – the biggest part- of this whole experiment. Wake up, be grateful and say to yourself: “Something magical will happen to me today!” Don’t just say it, decide it. I still have to work on my decisiveness though. And on remembering it in my foggy mind at the buttcrack of dawn, that something magical will happen. So usually it’s more of a “Oh, right something magical might happen today…hopefully…maybe…”, after my first cup of coffee on my way to work.


The things I am grateful for usually repeat, like I had a great workout at the gym, I am happy to be loved and I had a successful day at work. Mostly because of my lack of Adventure Capital. There is just not a whole bunch happening lately, except work, gym and Netflix. Kinda sad, I know.

However, there is so much more than that to be thankful for, although I am thankful for these things every single day, I  have to find new things. Also I have to make it a habit to decide that something magical will happen to me, without thinking about the how, when and what. I will see it when it happens.

Enough of my shortcomings though, let`s talk about the good things that happened since I am (more or less) doing this particular experiment and how my capitals have changed.

About 2 weeks ago I rated my Alchemic Capital with a 3. This time I would bump it up a notch to a 4, as I figured out that I was already practicing gratitude (although not perfectly, but live and learn I guess) and as soon as I’ll master to make the decision to draw magic into my life, each and every day, I will bump it up to a 6 or even 7.

For now my Spiritual and Creative Capital stayed the same, I think. Nothing big happened in this department. I still have the same beliefs and feel equally strong about the universe. My brain is still buzzing with ideas although some days all this creativity and buzzing paralyzes me, I am still trying to funnel my ideas in an efficient way.

I found a nice quote today, that I`d like to share. I am projecting this onto my creativity. Although I feel paralyzed and overwhelmed at times, I know it is for the best and for bigger things to come.


I didn’t think that this would happen this fast, but my Social Capital actually increased by a point. My SQUAD grew. Actually it was already this big I just hadn’t realized it yet. I experienced support I didn’t think I had. At least not to this extend.
Despite having good intentions to go to the gym on a regular basis I got overwhelmed by work, household stuff and not feeling up to it. To go there and climb these stairs to the gym floor felt impossible and I didn’t know what to do about it. I hated my body with every day more and more but didn’t have the strength to do anything about it – until one of my trainers approached me. A simple text saying “Where are you?” And for some reason I felt the need to tell her. I had to tell her how impossible it feels to come in and get my workout done, how I find one excuse after another, how I hate myself for not going, but still can’t muster the strength let alone the willpower to come – and I started crying like a baby. And she just understood, telling me how precious I am and that she`s there for me and that she knows how it feels to feel this way but also that she knows that I can do it and that she’ll be there for me every step of the way. It probably doesn’t seem much, but it felt like the world to me in this moment of weakness. And if you have ever been there- in that dark place, feeling worthless, feeling small and hating yourself, while knowing how to change it, knowing the steps to take but still not being able to muster the strength to do it – you’ll know how it feels when somebody reaches out handing you a candle. That night, my Squad grew by a person which turned into a whole army shining bright and supporting me, as soon as I set foot again into “my” gym.

I also experienced support from another friend. One I don`t talk to on a regular basis, because life happens. But her telling me, that she is waiting for my next blog post and is excited to see how my experiment turns out, actually made me write this one and now. Quite frankly, I was lightly discouraged by not having many views on my posts, only little follower numbers compared to others. My impatience and my lack of self-esteem almost turned me off on my wish to continue this Blog, to write, to share and to connect with people. But her little nudge helped me out of my ridiculous self-pity hole my butthurt ego put me in and I started writing. Of course I want the world to like my Blog, to get shares, to reach people. But at this point, if I’d only write it for her… I would. And if other people also like my stories, share my words and maybe even find themselves in my texts, it’s the icing on the cake.

I am happy to realize every day how big my SQUAD actually is and how many people I have in my corner. And that it`s growing every day. This realization made me feel different about myself. Better. Knowing that there are people to pick me up, to reach out to me in case I fall.

My Adventure Capital….well what should I say. Being invited to a birthday and saying “HELL YES” to the invitation, actually getting dolled up and having a good time compared to declining such opportunities for whatever reason and Netflix night – every damn night, I think I deserve another Point! 🙂


Until I started writing this post I thought I couldn’t track any “Capitals Gains” yet. And I haven`t seen (as in noticed / realized) any blessings from the natural world, any messages from the other side yet. Also there are no shattered absolute facts yet. But I although thought I wouldn’t have any personal totems or symbols. But while I was writing this I realized that I do. I do have a totem. A symbol that shows up every time I am troubled or insecure. It’s my SQUAD. My friends. Be it my best friend telling me to stop comparing myself to others, be it this “Where are you”-texts to get my ass back on track, or is it somebody telling me out of the blue, they are being excited to read my next Blog post and to keep them coming and calling me brave.
I guess, that`s what my personal totem is at this point. Not an spiritual animal or a ghost, or a near death experience. But friends.
(I’m pretty sure you know who you are, given that you’ve read this 😉 )

Thanks for reading.



My Capital Portfolio

Today is the day I am going to share my first step of my #thankandgrowrich journey.

Rule #1 is to go all in! Identify the good things in your life and break the habit of complaining about the bad things that happened. Just today I read a tweet Pam Grout posted: “Miracles are like pimples. Once you start looking, you find them everywhere.” (Augusten Burroughs)I find this very fitting, so be prepared to focus on the bright side only.

To start this experiment we will have to fill out our Thank and Grow Rich Portfolio. We have to identify where we stand right now.

Pam identified 5 different capitals: Alchemic, Spiritual, Creative, Social and Adventure.

I wont’t explain their exact meaning, you should still read the book to learn and interpret for yourself. But I will share my thoughts and how I determined my rating in these 5  categories.


(on a scale from 1 to 10 – where 1 is “wait, what?” and 10 is “I am bad ass”)

For my Alchemic Capital (what we focus on expands) I decided I am a 3. I know, not great at all! I know the theory…but I suck at actually using the principle of the law of attraction. I started counting my blessings as a New Years Resolution and write 3 of them down every night. Ok, sometimes its’s only 2 and after a few days I start getting repetitive, because quite frankly between my job and looking forward to going back to bed as soon as I got up in the morning, my days just aren’t very exciting – but we will talk about my Adventure Capital later.

I decided a 6 for my Spiritual Capital is appropriate. I believe in the universe, as I call it. Others call this power God. I don’t. God makes me think of 1 person having power over everything and I’m not a big fan of dictatorships. So I decided to call it universe as the terminology to me feels more like this all embracing power instead of a one man show. I also refuse to believe that I have to wait for good things to happen till after Judgement Day. They are  happening NOW! We just need to clean our glasses and pay attention.

A 7 might be bold but I chose to go that high for my Creative Capital. I create a lot. I crochet, I write, I make signs etc. My brain is always buzzing with new ideas but I still need to learn how to funnel this creative energy in order to actually create kick-ass items and content. Right now I am exhausting myself by running around, starting things and dropping them in the middle of the process, just to go back and start over. That’s friggin’ exhausting, I tell you.

My Social Capital got an 8. Yes, an 8. I know that’s high but it’s true. My “Squat” might not be huge, but it’s beautiful. I have a handful of good friends and a great family who cheer me on, no matter what craziness I am planning next. I’ve never heard “You can’t” or “You shouldn’t”. They are always telling me to “Go for it” and “if anybody can it’s you”. It even went so far that my boyfriend was about to buy me a horse because I decided I am going to join the Equestrian team for the Olympics 2024. I think 8 years is a realistic time frame to become an Olympic Athlete. I don’t want to seem unrealistic after all… 😉

At first I chose a number 5 for my Adventure Capital but after thinking about this decision for a few minutes and re-reading Pam’s definition of the term I decided maybe I should reconsider. I don’t leave my comfort zone, which you need to to actually earn adventure capital. I like to tell myself I do, but I don’t. During the 6 months I’ve been laid off, I imagined I would do all these wonderful, exciting things. Go out with my friends, go to parks, meet new people, read more books, go on bike rides… but to be honest, I barely left my house, never mind my comfort zone. But if I do leave it – I do it kicking and screaming!

So this is my final Capital Portfolio. My starting point of my experiment.

Pam promises in her book that I’ll receive 4 gifts from the universe for doing this 30-Day Experiment and dialing into the frequency of gratitude. A personal totem, a blessing from the natural world, a message from the other side and a shattered absolute fact. OK, the shattered fact doesn’t sound like a gift and more like destruction, but it actually is.

Read more about this in my next post and follow me on Instagram (@prettylilsomethin) and Facebook.

If you missed my first Blogpost about “Thank and Grow Rich” check it out NOW!

Thanks for reading!

My personal 30-Day “Thank and grow Rich” Experiment – A Diary. 

I don’t know if you know how I feel but this past Christmas I had to buy and wrap my own gifts. Well…90%. This concept has perks and downfalls. The downfall obviously is you know what you get and you aren’t surprised. The perk is you know what you get and you know you’ll like it. YES! 

So one of the gifts “from my boyfriend to me” was a book. It’s called “Thank and grow Rich – a 30 day experiment in shameless gratitude and unabashed joy” by Pam Grout. 

Pam Grout is a #1 New York Times best-selling author from Lawrence,Kansas. She’s a world, traveller and a loving mother. She writes travel columns for several magazines, books and has become the PR person for the universe. (As she says herself in her book “Thank and grow Rich”). For myself she’s a very inspiring, strong woman living the dream. Her dream. One day I am going to be just like her, only with my own dream. 🙂

I already read two of her other books. E² and E³, which are fabulous. These books also provide you with experiments which I never followed through with. UGH! *insert eye-roll*

Methinks I should read the books again and this time actually do the experiments instead of sitting on my butt waiting for things to happen. 

“Thank and grow rich” provides you with a 30 day experiment in ferocious gratitude. 

I just started to read the book and can already feel that if I stick with it I can achieve it so I decided to share with you all and post every step of my way in this experiment. 

And what time would be better than NOW!?

The scope of this 30-Day experiment is to get on a different frequency. The frequency of joy and gratitude.  

In order to get there we need to release our “reality”. The “reality” telling us that you only can get somewhere or be happy by working hard and that the world hands you nothing. We have to make space for the universe in our consciousness to get in.

The hypothesis is that “the universe wants nothing more than to bless you, to guide you, to help you create the most exciting version of yourself.

So for anybody who thought this experiment will make you financially rich, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’ll let you grow, make you more aware of your surroundings and lets you pay attention to the universe and it’s signs. 

If that’s what you want, follow me in my experiment.

I will post my diary once a week with a summary and extra posts for the great things. 

So follow me on Instagram @prettylilsomethin, WordPress and Facebook to stay tuned and get all the updates about my personal 30-Day Experiment. 

You can buy the book on Amazon or at any (online)bookstore. I’ve got mine from Chapters.Indigo

I’d love to hear about your experiences with the universe.Shoot me a message to prettylittlesomething@gmx.com or leave a comment. 

Thanks for reading! 

How only 1 Click saved us $200 

Just before Christmas everybody is holding on to their wallets like a virgin to their panties. 

I’m no different. But now that Christmas is over, we survived the holy season with just a few additional dents in our bellies and thighs, our friends and family are happy and well fed, it’s time to fulfill ourselves some wishes.

My boyfriend and I have been talking about purchasing a new laptop or tablet for quite a while now.

While he’d like a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (please click here to see one of those wondermachines), I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. All this talk about GB’s, RAM, SSD and whatnot sounds like gibberish to me and quite frankly makes me nauseous. So I put him in charge to find the best bang for our buck. 

After tossing the idea of a new laptop or tablet around for quite a while and reading loads of reviews on the internet, today we decided to go for it and actually purchase. 

Braving the thousands of people who had the same idea we went into Best Buy and educated ourselves on this topic. 

After seeing many items,reading and talking a lot of gibberish and me mostly being confused we chose to buy the HP Envy

(The Surface Pro (the kind we want) is just not in our budget right now.)

With a screen size of 15.6″, touchscreen, all the right gibberish and a price of $1099.99 it’s a good deal compared to other brands and specs. And considering this HP model was released only 2 or 3 months ago (according to our sales guy Adam). 
Unfortunately we weren’t able to purchase as they weren’t available. Neither in store nor online. 😦 

Now my frugal me comes out and whispers that we should check out other options as we were bummed not being able to take this beauty home right away, although we already picked a nice bag for it.

Now it becomes interesting: 

Back in the truck I decide to pull up my EBATES App. 

With this App you earn cash back of your online purchases and even on In-Store purchases if you connect your credit card with it. You’ll get alerts of the deals they offer when in store. It doesn’t only sound great,it is.

If you sign up now and with this link you receive a $10 bonus on your first purchase.

I am already awaiting my first cheque of about $90, just for shopping online twice and purchasing things that I would have bought anyway.

So I checked this App and received 8% cash back for my purchase in the HP online store.  Plus HP is offering an $125 -OFF Coupon until January 2nd 2017 on your purchase. (Limitations may apply).

The Coupon Code is:BWKPC125

That means with $125 OFF plus 8% cash back I saved incredible $202.29 with just opening 1 single App. 

If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. 😉

Of course I still wasn’t able to take the Laptop home right away but what is a few days waiting time considering these savings. 

Sorry Best Buy for not purchasing with you.

Thank you HP and EBATES for making my day! 

If somebody from HP or Microsoft is reading this, we will be happy to write a review about your products. Just send us the product you want reviewed. We’d still need a external Blu-Ray-Reader/Burner and of course a Surface Pro 4 with i5 or i7 Intel processor and at least 8 GB RAM. My boyfriend knows the gibberish and I can write, so we are certainly qualified as a team! 😉 

Thanks for reading and I wish you a Happy and healthy new year! I’ll see you there! 

FREE and EASY Crochet Pattern – Mouse-Monkey-Teddy Headband

When I started dating my boyfriend my world didn’t only grow by one special person but by many, many more. I gained a whole new family in addition to my own.
With this new part of my family also came 3 nieces and a nephew. All 4 of them grew so much on me and I can`t imagine my world without them anymore.

Now that I started crocheting, these poor kids have to endure photo sessions for my Blog Posts or Shop Listings, their mom has to measure them constantly for me and they barely receive any “real” gifts anymore but crocheted items, which I hope and think they do appreciate and like.

I, for sure, love the pictures their mom sends me, of them showing off my creations, or the Baby all snuggled up in her blanket I made. It makes me so proud. Is this a bit selfish, maybe…but so far nobody complained… 😉

The oldest one (almost 8 years) just started to crochet as well. Which makes me very proud ad I wish I would be closer to sit and crochet with her more often.

Now, as I like to spoil them rotten, pretty much every pattern I see, buy and save for later, I got them in the back of my mind, like: “Which birthday is coming up? Oh, oh it’s Christmas soon… Would the kids like this???” And not only patterns of others, I also write my own for them like this headband pattern.

Depending on where you sew on the ears it can either be a Teddy, a mouse or a monkey. Try out what you like.

If you want the cleaner print version of this pattern with additional pictures and a tutorial for the “Magic Circle”, you can buy it here in my Ravelry Store for only CAD$1. Isn`t this a steal of a deal?

So, here it goes: 

Assuming, that a 3 to 5 year old’s head has an approximate circumference of 19,5″ this pattern is sized for 3-5 year old children.


CH – chain

HDC – Halfdoublecrochet

DC – double crochet

SL – Slip Stitch

HDC2TOG – Halfdoublecrochet two stitches together



  • approx. 30 m of Acrylic yarn in Colour A – for the headband and the outside of the ears
  • approx. 5 m of Acrylic yarn in Colour B – for the inside of the ears

I use BERNAT Super Value as it is super soft.

  • Size H (5.0 mm) hook
  • Size J (6.0mm) hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

Let`s start with the Headband: 

Use your Size H hook here and use Colour A:

Row 1: CH 48 , DC in 3rd CH from hook and across (46)

Row 2: CH 2 , DC in 3rd CH from hook and across (46)

Row 3-5: Repeat Row 2

Fold the headband in half and SL down the short side

Ears: (make 2)

Round 1: Start with a magic Circle and Colour B, CH 1 and HDC 8 into the Magic Circle (8)

(don`t join but work in the round)

Round 2: 2 HDC in each stitch (16)

Round 3: change to Colour A, CH 1, 1 HDC into next 14 stitches, CH 1, turn (14)

Round 4: 1 HDC in next 5 stitches, HDC2TOG, HDC2TOG, 1 HDC in next 5 stitches, fasten off and leave a long tail to sew the ear to the headband.

Decide which side of the ear you like better, fold up the last crocheted row t the outside of the ear and sew it t the headband.

If you place the ears more in the middle, like in the picture, it’ll look more like a mouse, while placing them far apart, makes them look like monkey ears. Right in the middle would be the best place for them to resemble a teddy bear (or bear cub).

Enjoy crocheting!

*If you sell the items you made off this pattern, please give me the credit for the pattern with a link to my Blog. It’s greatly appreciated.

First Day of School – Celebrations around the world – Germany

Here in Alberta, Canada school has been started for a few weeks now.

A thought that came to mind was “How do you celebrate this big step of your child?” I mean, it`s a great thing for every child to make this step from Kindergarten to First Grade. As a First Grader you step into the world of big expectations, grades and being a big boy/girl with so many dreams, goals and hopes for life.

I remember, growing up in Germany, it was a huge deal to be a First Grader and the celebration was the best part. We had “Zuckertueten” (Can be loosely translated at “sugarcones”). If you are looking for an actual translation you willfind this: “a large cornet filled with sweets and little presents given to children in Germany on their first day of school”- I, personally, like the term “Sugarcones” better, that`s why I’ll roll with it!

These Sugarcones were filled with goodies, school supplies, stuffed animals, sometimes even some money (if you were lucky 😉 )and other things you could use on your new journey being a school kid.


(The caption says: Congratulaion to the beginning of school.)

There was a big excitement and celebration around the whole ordeal and all the kids were looking forward to it. Here in Canada, I can see the excitement of the children too and all the big stores are advertising with “Back to school – shopping”, “Back to school- deals” and “Back to school – everything”…. But what is actually being done for the kids, by the familiy except taking a few pictures with a sign saying, “First Day of Grade 1” and off they  go to their classrooms. I know, a few Kindergarten teachers give them a certificate for successfully completing Kindergarten and some even have a little party, but how do you actually celebrate the BIG DAY of your child?

These thoughts led me to compare some of the traditions for this event around the world.

Let`s start today with Germany:

The tradition to give your child a “Sugarcone” for their first day of school started in the early 19th century. In 1817 the first “Sugarcone” was given away in East Germany. By that time it was still only filled with Candy, Fruits and Nuts. At the beginning of the 20th century it turned into a tadition and the story about the “Sugarcone-Tree” has been told ever since. It says that every school has a “Sugarcone-Tree” in the basement where the “Sugarcones” grow and as soon as they are big enough the children have to go to school. Till today there are trees decorated with “Sugarcones” in the school yards for the children`s first day of school and every child gets a small one. The bigger ones (available in various sizes at local stores or amazon are usually bought or crafted and filled by the parents or close relatives. Unfortunately this tradition only exsists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


For the past few years “Sugarcones” are not only filled with candy, fruits and nuts, other gifts, erasers, crayons, drinking bottles, clothes, stuffed animals and other toys are more than welcome.

Who wouldn`t be excited getting one of these bad boys?

And then there was the party, which was optional, but usually friends and family came together, after the official introduction at school, to celebrate this important day with the child.

If you speak german and want to know more about this tradition, there is a book available on amazon.


It’s not a mistake – it’s a lasagna!! 

Alright folks,

this is my first Blogpost and already I have to admit to a mistake.

*Not listening to my boyfriend!*

This confession sounds like I’m a bad person. I know…and that’s ok. But don’t we all zone out once in a while? Aren’t we all sometimes preoccupied and your thoughts are louder than the words of the person you are listening to?

I am pretty sure it happens to everybody but while other people probably can hide their moment of distraction… I get caught. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Sooner or later.

Anyway, this time actually something pretty tasty arose from my inattention. – I am talking about a kick-ass lasagna.

But first the back story.

My boyfriend has been attending school for the last few weeks. So, last week’s Sunday afternoon, he sat down to study for his mid-terms the next day and I decided to go grocery shopping. So I went to the local NO FRILLS-store to do the weekly shopping spree. As I am a pretty frugal person, I also use the Flipp App for my phone. This App provides you with all the flyers and deals from all the stores in your area right on your phone. It’s great and so convenient! It’s even better, that NO FRILLS matches pretty much all prices from all the other stores.   You just need to take a screenshot of the flyer in your Flipp App, show them and you will get your product for the same price as you would have paid at the other store. Which saves you additional driving, planning and especially thinking! Last week assorted Campbell’s soups were on sale at another grocery store, so I used my chance to price match!

When I got home I was all excited to tell my boyfriend, that I made this super Deal on Campbell’s Soups and pretty much bought them for half the price. Isn`t that great? YES, I think so too.

With disappointment I had to learn that he doesn`t freak out about canned soup for cheap, quite as much as I do. Plus, we still had a crapload of them in the pantry. Plus, I didn’t even bring his favourite kind, because that one wasn’t on sale. 😦

Anyway, as kind as he is, he assured me that it is absolutely ok to have about 10 cans of canned tomato soup in your pantry because you can make a kickass Lasagna Sauce from it. Great! You just have to use  Campbell’s tomato soup and tomato paste.

And this is where my mistake unfolds. As my thoughts were  still occupied with my Campbell’s adventure while he told me his recipe, I heard you need one can of Campbell’s  tomato soup and one can Campbell’s mushroom soup. And that’s what I did a few days later just to be disappointed at first again. He came home, I was all excited about the Lasagna I made, just like he told me to and then he asked me if I used tomato soup and tomato paste. Huh?? NO?!

I told him what (I thought) he told me, hence that I used mushroom soup and tomato soup and he just looked at me like, “Yeah, you didn`t listen again, did you?!”

Long story short, the Lasagna was still Badass and now has the name “Nadine’s mistake Lasagna”. And it’s quick and easy to boot. It only takes about 45 minutes.

What you need:

  • 2 lbs ground meat (beef/pork) – I used a mix of both
  • Coconut oil
  • 2 tsp Paprika
  • 2 tsp Cabela’s Sriracha and Onion Rub
  • Pepper and Salt to taste
  • Garlic Powder
  • 2 can Campbell`s tomato soup (10 oz)
  • 2 can Campbell’s mushroom soup (10 oz)
  • 5 to 10 sheets Lasagna Noodles (depending on your own preferences)
  • 2 tsp Vegetable Oil
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 bag shredded cheese

What you do: 

  1. Bring water to a boil, add 1 tsp Salt and 2 tsp Vegetable Oil
  2. Add the Lasagna Noodles and let them cook for about 12 minutes or until they are al dente, take them out of the water and let them cool off
  3. Melt the Coconut Oil in a frying pan and add your ground meat and let it fry
  4. Add 2 tsp Paprika, 2 tsp Cabela’s Sriracha & Onion Rub  to the meat and let it fry until all the liquid is gone and the meat has a nice colour and starts to become crispy
  5. Add 2 cans tomato soup and 2 cans mushroom soup and add Pepper and Salt to taste
  6. Let it boil until hot and the meat has mixed nicely with the soups
  7. Layer your meat-soup-mix and the Pasta Noodles into a casserole dish, cover with cheese and let it bake for 15 – 20 minutes at 390 Degrees.

TADAAA! Easy and quick deliciousness!

Enjoy and let me know how it turned out.

PS: As I didn’t think that my Lasagna would be edible, never mind worth sharing, I didn’t take any pictures. But most Lasagnas look the same and I can assure you mine did as well look like the dish we know from our favourite italian restaurant. 🙂